Superfood Smoothie Bowl

This sweet and creamy smoothie bowl is brimming with nutritional “superfoods,” including raw cacao powder, goji berries, seeds, nut butter and berries. It’s my go-to breakfast when I need to recharge or reboot, and it’s my foolproof way of slipping serious nutrition into my kids (because, spoiler alert, eating a smoothie bowl FEELS LIKE YOU’RE EATING ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST!). (Plus: new video below!)

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Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

Packed with whole oats, pumpkin puree, almond butter and flax seeds, these vegan and gluten-free breakfast cookies, which are flavored with maple syrup, warming spices, cranberries and dark chocolate (oh, yes!), are jammed with nutritious ingredients, and yet they taste like treats. Serve them as a quick grab-and-go breakfast, pack them as a school snack, or eat them as dessert. Or, better yet, hide them from your kids and save them for yourself.

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Pumpkin Almond Muffins (Gluten-Free)

This week I’m featuring the Pumpkin Almond Muffins from my cookbook! These might just be my favorite muffins ever.  They’re lightly sweet, supremely tender and they make my house smell incredible.  Plus, they get made right in the food processor!  You might have noticed that I’m on a mission to streamline my baked goods (see these Blueberry Blender Muffins as a prime example).  Since summer has unofficially started, all I want to do is get the hell outside, and that means I’m all about ways to cut back on my time spent prepping and cooking.  The food processor can be an awesome ally on this front—check out my tips for making the most of your processor in my new article for!

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Shakshuka (Tomato Egg Bake) plus GIVEAWAY!

Trying saying this five times fast: shakshuka, shakshuka, shakshuka. It’s a tongue twister of a name, referring to a dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce (which is thought to have North African origins). It’s a one-skillet meal—perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner—and while it might be hard to say, it’s really easy to make. In fact, it’s so easy even a kid could do it. Read More

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl with Maple Buckwheat Clusters (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

I’m a sucker for foods that can be eaten with a spoon. From pudding, to porridge, to ice cream, there’s something luxurious about curling up with a bowl and a single utensil. Maybe that’s why I’ve always eaten my smoothies with a spoon. It’s just more fun that way, taking something that’s nutritious suspiciously close to ice cream territory. These days, I’m not the only one who eats her smoothies with a spoon. Smoothie bowls are currently a thing—I see a new one practically every day in my Instagram feed (I’m at @SizemoreNicki, btw). A smoothie bowl is a thick smoothie served in a bowl and topped with assorted tidbits for texture, from coconut flakes, to toasted nuts, to granola or even cocoa nibs. I have to admit; this is one fad-wagon that I’m happy to jump on.

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